GCDF Certification

Education and Experience

A combination of the following education and experience is required:

  • Education Experience* : Bachelor's Degree or higher
  • 200 Supervised Experience Hours

*Experience must be in the GCDF- Greece competency areas.


GCDF Code of Ethics

A statement attesting agreement  to follow this Code of Ethics is included on the GCDF Geece certification application form.



120 hours of training from the GCDF- Greece approved provider must be successfully completed.


Supervision must be sought at any time of concerns, questions or doubts that the GCDF might have while practicing. Supervisors should be appropriately qualified professionals.



The application form (link to the application form) needs to be completed and all the documentation needs to be submitted in one packet to:
NBCC - Greece
24 Fleming str. - Nea Filothei Amarousiou
15123 Athens

The application can also be send by email or by fax:
e-mail: ccd@hol.gr
Fax: +30 210 6897341

After NBCC Greece CCE receives your documentation you will be considered under review. This process normally takes 4-6 weeks from the date all materials are received. During the review process, you will be notified in writing if further information is required.

Once your application has been approved, you will receive written notice of your certification. Your certificate will be sent to you soon after notification.

The GCDF certificate is valid for 5 years. In order to renew it, GCDFs needs to apply for recertification.



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